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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:install script and plug-ins
Date:16:25:20 18/06/2009

> Re: Dark Warriors comments: found a bug, and a fix: the install script (make install) for the plugin-ptw installs it into /usr/local/lib/kismet/y
> I successful downloaded Kismet newcore 2009-rc5, compiled and have it up and running.
> Ran fine from /usr/local/bin
> However, I did not get /usr/local/lib/ directory for client or files, e.g. plug-ins
> /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf was in correct place
> Did search and no corresponding kismet plug-in directory on hard drive.
> Gonna inspect make install next, any ideas what could have happened?

I don't follow your question.

The plugins installs will create the directories as needed.

The plugin installs into the proper directory. Do not try to move it into the UI plugins directory if you want it to work.


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