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Posted by:RetawGnirps
Subject:Locking in Kismet-2009-05-RC2 Possible?
Date:14:57:54 12/06/2009

> > I have recently downloaded and installed Kismet-2009-05-RC2; the installation went smoothly, and Kismet runs fine.
> >
> > When I run Kismet, I am able to see the list of networks that have been identified. However, I can't find a way to lock onto a network to allow for the collection of the data contained inside the packets, which was able to be done in previous versions.
> >
> > Is this functionality incorporated into this new release at this time? If so, how is it done?
> Kismet->Config Channel
> Set to locked. It will default to the channel of the selected network.
> -m

Thanks. Is the same functionality after locking in the newcore as it was in the old one? I seem to be having some confusion about getting to the data of packets as it was possible in the old version.

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