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Posted by:nightbear
Subject:Hidden SSIDs in Newcore
Date:08:39:33 10/06/2009

> > Thats a pity! I could get along with the fact, Newcore cannot import the old ssid_map file but it seems Newcore doesn`t remember ssids of cloaked Networks it has decloaked itself!
> > This was one of the brilliant features of Kismet - I hope you find a way to implement this capability in Newcore again. I think it´s essential :)
> I'll reconsider then, it may be possible to implement it fairly quickly as a configfile derivative (which would require a simple, but manual, conversion of the old format)
> -m

Please do so! - I think it´s a vluable feature for many users. Maybe you could provide a script for converting the old file format to the new one.
I run Kismet / Newcore on a Notebook I take with me to customers for network-maintenance. Many of them run closed networks. It´s a big help for me to see the Network names right away (since Kismet has decloaked them already at a former occasion) so I know which network to monitor i.e. for reconnects, encryption etc.. Otherwise I would have to focus on their MAC adresses instead which would be quite uncomfortable.
At the moment Newcore doesn´t remember SSIDs it has already decloaked. Will it be able to do so in the future? Or will there be a way to enter the data manually?

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