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Posted by:Wick09
Subject:tun/tap feature of newcore
Date:10:51:20 05/06/2009

> > I enabled the tuntap option in the .conf file, but I am still not seeing a virtual interface? Is there some step that I am missing?
> Are the tuntap drivers loaded on your system? (modprobe tun)
> Look at the startup messages, too, it should say what's happening with tuntap.

I finally figured it out, my inexperience with Linux was hampering me. The tun/tap feature will work with Snort on Ubuntu 9.04.

I have a follow up question though, what data does kismet pass to the virtual interface? Does the entire packet get transmitted including layer 2 data and 802.11 frames?

Do you have any documentation for newcore beyond the README I could look at?

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