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Posted by:KiLL3R
Date:22:19:03 04/06/2009

> > tcpdump -s 0 -i wlan0 doesn't seem to be picking anything up, don't suppose the pcapdump from kismet will be any help?
> Unfortunately not, since kismet will crash before it logs.
> Run kismet in one window and run tcpdump -s 0 -i wlan0 -w foo.cap in another.
> >
> > About the SVN, how would I go about download it? Still new to Linux, sorry.
> It's on the download page (svn co ...)
> -m

Ah, thanks, the SVN stopped the crashes and gives "ERROR: Pcap Radiotap converter got corrupted radiotap frame, not long enough for radiotap header plus indicated FCS", problem now is that it finds the same network multiple times, but with different BSSID, encryption and sometimes a slightly corrupt name.

tcpdump cap file here-

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