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Posted by:dragorn
Date:20:15:54 04/06/2009

> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
> what(): std::bad_alloc

> That what you're after?

Yeah, excellent, thanks. Can you get a pcap with tcpdump, too, and post it somewhere? Something weird is going on in the rtap decode, not sure what yet.

[edit] I made some fixes in SVN if you want to pull trunk and test them, I think your drivers are spewing bunk packets (I'm getting radiotap header with no data and no fcs) but I'd love to see a pcap of what's actually happening. Kismet should throw alerts on bad packets like that now, and ignore them as corrupt.

Make sure to do -s 0 on tcpdump to get the full packets.


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