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Posted by:KiLL3R
Date:18:45:43 04/06/2009

I've just started using BackTrack 4 beta and installed kismet-2009-05-RC2, it worked at first but now it will find a few networks then crash with -

"Locally started Kismet server exited unexpectedly with error 0. Something has gone wrong. Check the Kismet server console for more information and errors."

The console reads -

"terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
what(): std::bad_alloc"

I'm using this on an ASUS X50GL laptop which has an Atheros AR928X adapter, using the ath9k drivers with modprobe ath9k, it's also a fresh install of BackTrack 4 beta with only the new version of Kismet.

Kismet-2008-05-R1 which comes with BackTrack works great.

Also, resizing the terminal window will cause Kismet to crash with -
"FATAL OOPS: IPC command child 11740 get select() error and cannot continue cleanly: Interrupted system call"


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