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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet 2009-05 FreeBSD 8.0 problem
Date:14:03:58 01/06/2009

> I try latest svn and the results is the same.
> Latest changes of FreeBSD 802.11 stack:
> ... Most importantly it replaces DLT_IEEE802_11 support in net80211 by DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO and removes the latter from the underlying device...

Kismet as supported IEEE802_11_RADIO for years (as has BSD, that's nothing new)

> hmmm Kismet 2008.05.R1 work fine.
> Now I try to find where thinks going wrong.

Make a pcap w/ tcpdump with the linktype set to ieee80211radio and put it somewhere and I'll see if they changed the rtap header.

[edit] Pedro confirms, I'd suggest throwing a debug in on the DLT type to see if Kismet is getting the right DLT at all, and then throwing a debug into the rtap length decode.

[edit 2] Yeah it's not detecting the DLT for radiotap for some reason.

[edit 3] Found it, wasn't setting DLT on packets on BSD at all, checked in possible fix.

[edit 4] Pedro confirmed, this fixes it, grab the svn Kismet trunk, and it'll be in the next release.


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