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Posted by:Niki
Subject:Kismet 2009-05 FreeBSD 8.0 problem
Date:08:47:29 01/06/2009

> > Hi
> > I get last Kismet source from svn and try to start it on FreeBSD 8.0 but kismet_server return this:
> >
> > INFO: Started source 'wlan0'
> > INFO: Detected new managed network "<Hidden SSID>", BSSID 22:0C:AB:A2:01:00
> > , encryption no, channel 0, 0.00 mbit
> Looks like the rtap length stuff is wrong somehow (since it isn't wrong anywhere else, I wonder about your driver reporting it correctly), but try the latest svn, it has updates from Kili for BSD.
> -m

I try latest svn and the results is the same.

Latest changes of FreeBSD 802.11 stack:
... Most importantly it replaces DLT_IEEE802_11 support in net80211 by DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO and removes the latter from the underlying device...

hmmm Kismet 2008.05.R1 work fine.
Now I try to find where thinks going wrong.

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