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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:"Error: Failed to find panel_plugin_init function in plugin /usr/local/lib/kismet_client/aircrack" in RC2
Date:17:03:17 30/05/2009

> I recently upgraded from an old version of kismet to RC2. Everything has installed fine.
> First I found a bug, and a fix: the install script (make install) for the plugin-ptw installs it into /usr/local/lib/kismet/ while it should be kismet_client as that is where kismet looks for it. I simply did ln -s to create a link so they are both always updated.

No, it isn't, and shouldn't. Kismet-PTW is a server plugin, not a client plugin, it should be installed to /usr/local/lib/lismet/ or ~/.kismet/plugins

> No, my real question, I am getting "Error: Failed to find panel_plugin_init function in plugin /usr/local/lib/kismet_client/aircrack" with a brand new compile. I don't see anything that should be holding me back so I am looking for advice.

You put a server plugin in the client plugin directory - it doesn't have the client plugin functions, since it isn't one, so it can't be loaded.

Kismet-PTW is purely server-side. There is nothing to configure & no UI. Once it gets enough data, it tries. If it succeeds, you'll get an alert (and if you're running from SVN you'll get a network tag as well)


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