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Posted by:gudushen
Subject:ProcessCardList() Memory Leak?
Date:20:52:28 27/05/2009

> > Hi, I'm a student and I modified kismet_drone a bit. I tried valgrind and it always shows up that the ProcessCardList() call have 11984 bytes in 1 block that are defintely lost.(60 indirect, 11924 indirect).
> >
> > Now I haven't touched any of the packetsourcetracker files, and the modified kismet_drone is not much different from the original, just wondering where all these bytes could have been lost?
> Most likely those are the allocated sources, which are never freed since they never get shut down. Without more info however, I don't know.
> (Also note, drone code has been totally rewritten in newcore)
> -m

Thank you for the reply, by freeing the sources do you mean calling "sourcetracker.CloseSources(); sourcetracker.ShutdownChannelChild();"
cause I still have that in the drone code.

All I did was adding a data structure that keeps track of:

Num of Physical packets
Num of Management packets
Num of Data packets

and writing them to a logfile.

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