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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Logging/Mapping wireless hosts
Date:15:17:47 09/05/2009

> > This is effectively impossible without a distributed sensor network of devices at known locations.
> >
> > There is no way to derive location from a single fixed sniffer (highly directional antennas and signal level analysis aside, which is impractical and not terribly reliable: an interesting academic exercise, but not really usable in the real world)
> That makes complete sense due to triangulation. I have a dire need for this ability. Is there a way to use make two sensors with Kismet and perform this task?

Newcore tracks where packets come from w/ remote sensors (at least, with regards to what card saw them) much more than stable does, so you should start there.

There is no turnkey solution, however. Many cards report absolute garbage for signal levels in monitor mode, you'll need a lot more than 2 sensors, and you'll probably need them in places you can't easily put anything (you have to encircle a signal with sensors to be able to locate it with any degree of accuracy).

There are enterprise wifi solutions (aruba definitely, cisco probably, others most likely) which do location of signals, but will have the same restrictions about density of sensors and locations.


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