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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Continuous Packet Capture
Date:15:10:53 09/05/2009

> Never mind guys, what I want is promiscuous mode to work while Kismet works with monitor mode. At least I got something to work.


That doesn't really make sense.

Rfmon is for wireless.

Promisc is for wired.

> > The following paragraph in the Documentation implies that Kismet doesn't continuously capture packets, which is exactly what I have observed.

Yes, it does.

> > Is it possible to use it as Winshark and capture packets continuously? I am running Ubuntu 8.04 with IPW2200 1.2.2 and IEEE80211 1.1.18.

Define "capture continuously". Kismet captures all packets. "continuously".

> >
> > Somehow Kismet is able to force the IPW into monitor mode but Wireshark is unable to snif packets on the same channel and same network ssid.

Then your system is broken. There is no reason why you can't capture packets from the same interface Kismet is using with any other tool that makes you happy.

> > That is why, the question is, can Kismet be configured to capture packets continuously if configured to capture packets on a particular network/channel.

If you want kismet to capture all the packets on a channel, don't tell it to channel hop. It is physically impossible to tune the radio to the entire spectrum: Pick. You get to see all the other networks on other channels, or you get to see every packet on a given channel. Turn off channel hopping if you want to stay on a single channel.


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