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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:FreeBSD 8.0 Atheros problem
Date:14:03:14 30/04/2009

> FreeBSD 8.0 need to clone ath0 interface to wlan interface to make it usable.
> I clone ath0 to wlan0, change source to wlan0 and try again
> 2. FATAL: wlan0: cannot get ifmedia: Device not configured
> After reading MAN I found that mode of cloned wlan interface cannot be changed.
> I clone again wlan0 in monitor mode

Wow they imported that crappy decision in freebsd too, eh? Ugh.

> 3. FATAL: No support for radiotap data link
> tcpdump -i wlan0 -L
> Data link types (use option -y to set):
> EN10MB (Ethernet)
> IEEE802_11 (802.11)
> tcpdump -i ath0 -L
> Data link types (use option -y to set):
> IEEE802_11_RADIO (802.11 plus radiotap header)
> Seems that cloned wlan interface don't support radiotap.
> Someone have success with Kismet on FreeBSD 8.0?

Grab the latest Kismet subversion, it should fall back to using the IEEE802_11 DLT, but you'll lose bitrate/signal/etc per-packet.

Sounds like they screwed stuff up with the drivers a bit.


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