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Posted by:dcc
Subject:Signal Strength Data
Date:14:42:56 29/04/2009


I've installed both devel and newcore branches, both are working great. I set the dump type to PPI for newcore in an effort to capture signal strength information about sniffed packets.

When using devel version, I can see the signal level reported by viewing the details of a network - the level is jumping around every few seconds anywhere between -40 and -80 dB.

However, when running newcore, I see that 'No signal data is available'. Why would the signal level be reported in devel but not in newcore?? I've read around the forums and seen that some people have had driver reporting issues, but the devel version appears to be reporting signal strength. I'm using an Atheros chipset.

Can anyone tell me which drivers support signal strength, or if they have success in obtaining signal strength from any particular driver?


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