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Posted by:cybrsnpr
Subject:Radiotap Header info not saved in .dump file
Date:15:40:32 27/04/2009

> > I've noticed that when running kismet, I can view RSSI information in a wireshark session (capturing on the same interface), but when I close my kismet session and open the resulting .dump file, there is no Radiotap info. Other than running wireshark at the same time and saving that file separately, is there a way I can retain the Radiotap info in the kismet .dump file?
> No.
> Upgrade to newcore and enable PPI logging if you want the antenna/signal data, but beware, in monitor mode, many cards don't report sane values.
> -m

Dragorn, thanks for the quick response. I've been putting off trying newcore until its "official", guess I'll bite the bullet and give it a shot. Hopefully it will work on BT4.

Thanks again...

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