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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Why so nice OSS product have so terrible forum engine?
Date:13:47:14 24/04/2009

> What advantaes does have this forum engine vs for example punbb/phpbb/invision or even mailing list?

Because punbb/phpbb are massive security holes and will never run on any system I care about. They seem to have weekly critical flaws.!&metaname=alldoc&sort=swishrank

19 pages of vulnerabilities.!&metaname=alldoc&sort=swishrank

only 2, but they're pretty nasty.

Mailing lists are fine if people can understand they're on a mailing list - instead, I get my email blacklisted in distributed spam lists (and worse, my hosts systems blacklisted), because people sign up to get email, then report the email they get as spam. Shutting down the mailing list was one of the best things I did for my sanity.

So, until theres forum software that isn't more likely to get the server owned than not, it is what it is.


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