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Posted by:johngrinham
Subject:eeebuntu on 701SD 8g
Date:06:41:16 13/04/2009

> Strange networks with no SSIDs usually indicate a driver problem where it returns invalid packets but doesn't indicate them as such and Kismet tries to process them. Alternately, some strange device near your home network is changing it's MAC and making networks. You don't say if they're ad-hoc or not, an unassociated adhoc device trying to make a connection could make a new network every 30-40 seconds.
> -m

Thanks for the reply, I just ran up kismet again, the first nine <no ssid>'s appeared within a minute, 1 was H, the rest were A, 2 were N, another four appeared as I was writing this and it seems to have settled at 13 for the moment. none f the <no ssid>'s show a channel, and still only 1 H

Still at 13 as I finish, maybe I do have ghosts :-)

less than a minute after finishing above, it went up to 161 networks, still only 1 ad-hoc and about 75% unencrypted

May have found the reason, went for a walk to see how far my network reached, at a certain distance a pop up appeared telling me my wireless was disconnected.
I was under the impression that kismet disconnected normal wireless as it ran, but perhaps the normal connection was still trying to work in the background. Once the wireless was disconected the <no ssid>'s stopped.

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