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Posted by:johngrinham
Subject:eeebuntu on 701SD 8g
Date:04:01:04 13/04/2009

Have installed Kismet, took a few attempts to find the right source, but have settled on ath5k or ath5k_ag. Both seem to work the same.
(BTW My main reason for wanting Kismet is to do with my job (telephone tech). The line between traditional telephony and voip is blurring very quickly. We already have installations that convert traditional to IP, across AP's and back to traditional.)
First trial on a drive to town seemed to go well, showed about 30 networks. But at home seems really weird. I live in an area where block sizes are 1 acre ( 4000 square metres ), and I can't get my own AP from my house to the garage (normal I think). Yet when I sit in my office and run Kismet I get my own AP, plus around ten <no ssid>'s. Last night after about an hour it got up to over 200 of these <no ssid> AP's, some open, but most not. (No other named AP's). Have I got ghosts?

I initially tried all the madwifi sources, ath5k and ath5_ag were the only ones that Kismet wouldn't fail to open on.
currently sources=ath5k_ag,wlan0,internal.

Any ideas ?

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