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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:D-link G122 (ver. c1) & os X
Date:02:10:46 13/04/2009

> hey.. :)
> i was wandering, if i could use some drivers for my D-link g122 (ver. C1) with kismet on mac os X (10.4 or 10.5)? I know about airport extreme on os X (10.5)
> and something more.. Could i use aireplay or something to do Injection with my D-link g122 on os X ??
> I love Kismet!!!
> thanks for listening...

If it doesn't use the OSX IOKit drivers, it won't work currently. If you can figure out how to get 802.11 packets out of it with tcpdump, and change channels, then I'll add support in Kismet for it.

There are a few broadcom and atheros based devices which will work with the OSX drivers (and therefor kismet).

I don't know about injection, you'd have to ask the aircrack folk.


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