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Posted by:superbleeder
Subject:Kismet-newcore on Asus Eee PC 900HA
Date:04:29:17 11/04/2009

> Card is fully supported. Exact error text would be useful.
> -m

I made sure that I'm running the latest version of kismet-newcore.

the console errors go as follows
ERROR: Failed to find a type for auto-type source wlan1, you will have to tell kismet what it is by adding a type=[card type] to the ncsource config
ERROR: it is possible that the device for interface wlan1 is not active or was not plugged in. Kismet will ignore this interface, you may want to re-add it later
ERROR: Failed Kismet client command: ADDSOURCE command failed

the card is obviously plugged in because I'm getting wireless connection

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