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Posted by:RS232C
Subject:GPS walking
Date:19:53:53 08/04/2009

> > Ok. I will write a script to grab *DOP and see how useful it is for detecting a walking GPS.
> Looks like gpsd only reports hdop/vdop as meters of error, no PDOP and no actual DOP values, just the meter estimates.
> -m
hdop is really all I am looking for. The idea is not to log high hdop values as those "should" an indicator of GPS walking and help mapping applications get a better idea of where the AP is. vdop is kinda useless to me unless I want to try my hand at warflying, but I don't see that happening any time soon and most of my data will be clamped to the ground! though is would not be a bad idea to include it just to be complete. :)

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