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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:GPS walking
Date:17:22:53 08/04/2009

> Actually I am using php to read the log files and import them into a database. and I have done a lot of work with GPSes before and from what I understand and am seeing the "fix" field just tells me if I have altitude information or not. It does not tell me if my GPS is walking. Is there a way for kismet to record [PDOP|HDOP|VDOP] from the GSA string from the GPS? I really don't want to have to write another script to query this from GPSd while running kismet to merge the logs later as I am running this from an EeePC900.

Not really, no.

Definitely won't show up in kismet-stable. Possibly it can show up in newcore, but it depends how reliable gpsd is on passing *dop and how much I rewrite the nmea handlers to do it manually.

Yes, fix is 0/2d/3d. I've never seen *dop be particularly useful for graphing.


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