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Posted by:antareus
Subject:Multiple kismet_server instances hard locks machine
Date:18:20:18 28/03/2009

My setup:
Ubuntu 8.04
Madwifi-ng 0.9.4 (patched to fix eventual channel change failure)
Two AR5211 PCI cards

We need to tag data depending on what interface it arrives in on, so currently we're running one instance of Kismet per interface on the box. Unfortunately, this usually incites a complete freeze of the machine within 18 hours or so. Is this a known limitation of Kismet or Madwifi? Is there anything we can do to mitigate it? From a layperson's POV, it looks like yet another Madwifi race condition.

I'm aware the setup is suboptimal, especially considering newcore's support for multiple interfaces, but I don't know if it reports this data yet.

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