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Posted by:joer
Subject:libpcap issue
Date:20:14:31 20/03/2009

When I try to run ./configure, I get:

*** WARNING ***
LibPCAP was not found. Kismet previously included a local copy of this
library, however it now expects libpcap to be provided by the system.
Kismet on Linux without LibPcap cannot capture data locally and will
almost certainly NOT BE WHAT YOU WANT.
Your distribution should provide packages for libpcap, otherwise
it can be downloaded from

Configuration complete. Run 'make dep' to generate dependencies
and 'make' followed by 'make install' to compile and install.
Chewie:~ # rpm -qa |fgrep pcap
Chewie:~ # find / -name libpcap*
Chewie:~ #

libpcap is installed, and apparently in the correc path (/usr/lib), so I don't know what to do at this point. Any help is appreciated. Thx.

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