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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Wireless goes down after running kismet
Date:01:25:58 13/03/2009

> Whenever I run kismet and my wireless card starts searching for networks in range it does cause the current connection established to go down, I'm sure this is normal behavior though. What is an issue, is when I'm through with running kismet I can never get the wireless device out of its debug mode. Even turning on/off the adapter does not fix the problem and I will be forced to reboot.
> I've tried switching drivers as I do have one other in my list but its only a proprietary driver and doesn't even allow debug mode to be enabled.

Entirely likely that the drivers are broken and cannot come out of monitor mode.

Otherwise, iwconfig and restarting your distributions networking usually does the trick.

There's not really anything else kismet can do than what it's already trying to do.


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