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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Python class for kismet client protocol
Date:05:12:09 01/03/2009

> Heh - already using the initial PROTOCOLS definition and capabilities query to parse out the valid commands. I've currently got it set up as a single callback that returns the protocol and a dict that keys each value with its respectively enabled capabilities; for now, I'll leave the protocol separation outside the class. One thing I'd like to check: it seems to me that the fields are space-seperated, unless the field CAN contain a space (eg, ssid in netword, username in card), in which case, the value is wrapped in a pair \x01 bytes. If this makes sense, am I correct? Also, I've got a very quick and basic pygtk gui running tonight - interested?

Yeah basically correct. Anything that can be multiword is bracketed with \001. I just test if the first token of a field is \001 then fast-forward through tokens until a closing symbol.

Sure, pygtk UI sounds fun.


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