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Posted by:cestlecou
Subject:gspmap doesn't generate output file
Date:08:06:15 26/02/2009

Dear All,

I run the following command

boss@ubuntu:/var/log/kismet$ gpsmap -o ./result/test.png -tkrp -q0 ./Kismet-Feb-25-2009-1.gps

Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from //etc/kismet/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from //etc/kismet/client_manuf
NOTICE: Reading cached data for ./Kismet-Feb-25-2009-1.gps
Processing 1004 sample points.
Map image scale: 1000
Minimum Corner (lat/lon): 47.920513 x -122.310974
Maximum Corner (lat/lon): 47.920624 x -122.310921
Map center (lat/lon): 47.920568 x -122.310947
Creating blank map image.
Converting map to greyscale.
Calculating network coordinates and statistics...
Processing 2 raw networks.
Assigning network colors...
Plotting 2 networks...
Drawing network power interpolations...
Interpolating power into graph points.
Thread 0: crunching interpolation image line 0
Preparing colormap.
Drawing interpolated power levels to map.
Drawing track coordinates, width: 3...
Calculating and drawing network circles...
Drawing legend...


The operation finished. There is nothing under directory ./result

Could you help me to understand what went wrong.

I really appreciate your help.


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