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Posted by:cestlecou
Subject:Kismet witrh AirPcap Ex, 802.11A channels not seen
Date:22:36:44 25/02/2009

> > I'm using a AirPcap Ex with Kismet and the 802.11B channels (1-11) are showing up fine. The 802.11A channels(36-64)are not showing up. I confirmed that my kismet.conf has the following entry:
> >
> > defaultchannels=IEEE80211a:36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64
> >
> > The AirPcap control Panel is configured for Capture Type: 802.11 + Radio
> >
> > any suggestions will be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks,
> You have to configure the source to use the 802.11a channels. By default the airpcap sources use the 11bg channels only. Editing the 11a channels w/out pointing the source at them won't change anything.
> Add a sourcechannels line or just edit the default 11g channels.
> I don't know if the Ex can sniff 11a or not, either.


Could you please give more details: (are the following what you mean????)

1) Edit the default 11g channels:


2) add sourcechannels line




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