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Posted by:luvTux
Subject:Wrong ip range...
Date:12:23:33 18/02/2009


I installed kismet. My wireless driver is rt61-cvs and I am using the capture source rt2500. My wireless router is set to WPA-PSK(WPA PERSONAL)enctryption.I can even acess internet through wireless router. My kismet is showing correct AP and packets increasing. But showing a wrong ip range ie. I learned from this forum that this may be because of encryption. So tried even disabling encription, and even changed it to WPE,still not successful.Is there any way to solve this problem. It is not showing its own mac ie. the mac of nic where i installed kismet. It is showing my router's mac and other comp's mac.. Will it show it's own mac... Plz help me to solve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.

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