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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:What capture interface for rndis_wlan?
Date:18:18:32 09/02/2009

> Thats ok, everyone makes a mistake now and then I read all the docs and still had no clue. I tried all the other drivers I could find but only wlan_ng is what worked before, no packet injection though. WUSB54GS v1.0 don't know I know its possible but eh... too buzzed to worry other than to reply this right now. BackTrack 3 doesn't detect either the wusb or the dell 1450 which kills my hopes.

rndis_wlan is a mac80211 driver, so the closest sources to it are iwl4965. Newcore should autodetect it as a mac80211 driver and at least try to configure it - how successful it is will depend on the drivers though. The general rule of thumb seems to be 'cutting edge works best' - kernel .28 with compat-wireless would be your best bet.

You can test it outside of kismet - ifconfig wlanX down && iwconfig wlanX mode monitor && ifconfig wlanX up && tcpdump -eni wlanX -s 0 ... if you see packets, then it ought to work. If it does, I'll add a capture name for it.


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