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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:"Not logging any data" windows 32 Kismet
Date:18:15:17 09/02/2009

> Hi all,
> We installed Windows32 Kismet (version 2008...) from CACE.
> Kismet works properly but did not store any log files (dmp/csv/...). The dir c:\Program Files\kisnet\logs is empty.
> We check the kismet.conf. It used UNIX directory notation.
> We search the forum and found one query with the same problem (even after changing the directory path to windows notation c:\Program Files\kismet....) There is no reply.
> We greatly appreciate your help to understand/make it work.
> Regards,

The logging should be posix format since kismet runs inside cygwin, I'm not sure how cygwin's libc handles fopen on windows format paths.

Kismet requires a cace airpcap hardware card (or a drone running on a linux/bsd system), it won't capture with anything else.


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