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Posted by:stygianumbra
Subject:What capture interface for rndis_wlan?
Date:00:59:37 06/02/2009

> > I am running Ubuntu 8.10 with 2.6.27-11-generic x86_64 kernel. The usb module is a WUSB54GS v1.0. I had kismet(2008-05-R1) working with wlanng. Through trying to get drivers that support packet injection for aircrack and related utils I went to and got the "compat-wireless-2009-02-05". After compiling, installing, and loading it selected the rndis_wlan drivers. The wlanng driver is gone so I can't seem to revert and Kismet won't run with rdnis_wlan so I am now even worse off. Then I downloaded Kismet newcore, compiled and installed it. Now it gives me other errors I can't resolve(FATAL: Failed to add source 'null', thats with a ncsource and traditional source entry in kismet.conf). Does/will kismet support rndis_wlan?
> No. Kismet does not, can not, and will not, as the docs say.
> NDIS does not support sniffer mode.
> -m

Thanks I was unaware rndis was the same as a windows driver in ndiswrapper I thought it was something native that would be different. Now I just have to figure out why no other driver including the ones that are supposed to work with that module work and where the hell wlanng went.

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