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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet Log and GPS Data
Date:01:59:17 05/02/2009

> The first step of course is logging wireless data from the iPhone, then dumping and analyzing it from my computer.

You won't be able to log wireless data, however you may be able to log signal levels for nearby beaconing networks. You won't be able to find networks trying to be stealthy since you can't do raw packet capture on the iphone, as far as I know. But that doesn't sink your project per se by any means.

> [ My Question: ]
> What has been on my mind for the past week is how to analyze the data I collect. I'm familiar with Kismet and some other air tools. A friend of mine reminded me that Kismet has built in GPS visualization and I am curious as to whether or not this might be useful for me in my project.
> From what I've read so far about Kismet, the AP log and the GPS log have to have synced timestamps. I am pretty sure I can do this if I'm scanning APs and logging GPS info from the iPhone. Assuming I can, what other aspects do I need to consider in post-logging analysis? Also, could someone post or email me some sample data from the AP log and the GPS log so I can clone their structure in my application?

Kismet logs the network data in xml and has a running log of per-frame gps data also in xml. To get a full representation of a network you'd take the netxml and gpsxml and combine it. You could write these files from any apps and fill in all the info you have available and should be able to feed it to tools that handle kismet data.

Right now the kismet mapper code is broken since all the map sources went away. I'm rewriting it, and will post a test version sometime after I get the test release of kismet-newcore done (maybe this weekend if things at the con go smoothly enough to give me time).


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