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Posted by:PBCruisader
Subject:Questions on using Kismet
Date:17:53:37 04/02/2009

1. If I know the SSID, channel and WPA key of the network I want to capture from, should I input those in the kismet.conf file? Or should I be using a GUI (or Kismet) to filter with these parameters?

2. In kismet.conf there a setting for the wepkey. Would that be the equivalent of the wpakey if I know it?

3. What does raw packet mean? Would this include HTTP, FTP or MSN data? Or is it just connection management packets?

4. If I understand correctly, the goal is to capture packets and then process them (real time or post capture) with another application (Aircrack-ng or Wireshark) right?

So far, I have Kismet running on 8.10 from a flash drive (with persistence), on a HP Compaq nc6400 laptop with an Intel 3495 chipset. I didn't know that there were so many wireless signals in my area!

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