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Posted by:xbmwvz
Subject:Newbie to Kismet/Linux/distro
Date:22:10:17 01/02/2009

> Setup:
> Compaq Presario 1200
> Orinoco Card
> XP 2002 sp3
> 597MHz 316MB RAM
> I started to use Netstumbler, when I realized in the windows environment it would be incorrect for me to try to enable rfmon mode. So I got some advice and went to Kismet, good chance for me to learn Linux.
> Is it possible to even run this software with the given hardware specs?
> I downloaded an Ubuntu distro and tried to install the Kismet package, it said I needed to bring in more files, but Kismet still would not "make" properly(correct terminology?).
> So I went to Backtrack V3, a Live CD, downloaded and checked the md5 which matched the official site checksum but my ISO Recorder v2 is not correctly burning this to CD at x1 speed, after I already successfully used ISO Recorder v2 to burn the Ubuntu CD earlier. What am I doing wrong for the ISO not burn now? Also I found out that they left out the Orinoco drivers in the final V3.
> So I came back here. The version of Ubuntu that I have on CD makes the computer run slow, so I am looking for a linux distro that will run smooth on my hardware, and will support kismet. Hopefully with supporting files that kismet needs,Orinoco drivers or with kismet preinstalled/(built?)

If you can run ubuntu i'd consider something like the following guide:

And you are quite safe to skip compiling kismet from source code, and instead just use ubuntu's package manager "apt-get" like described in that guide.

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