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Posted by:xbmwvz
Subject:GPSDrive and mysql
Date:21:54:27 01/02/2009

> > I have found many forums trying to explain how to set up kismet to be able to plot access points in GPSmaps, however I cannot figure out the mysql portion of this configuration. I am receiving location data from my gps in kismet and GPSDrive at the same time, and I have changed the settings in the kismet.conf file without issue, but I am not a mySQL'er so I am having issues.
> >
> > MySQL is installed on my system, and I have successfully started msql, but get hung up with "mysql -u root -p < /usr/share/gpsdrive/create.sql" When I type this in I get the following line "bash: /usr/share/gpsdrive/create.sql: No such file or directory" The only support I see in any forum is to read the readme.sql or "import create.sql" which I thought is what I am trying to do.
> >
> > I am normally a Windows XP person trying to make the Ubuntu leap and haven't had too many issues except for this mySQL stuff.
> You'd be better off asking the gpsdrive people since that's implemented independently of Kismet, but that error means that file doesn't exist - you'll need to figure out where your distro installed that file, if it did at all. You could try downloading the gpsdrive from their site and looking for it in the archive, too.
> -m

You're getting that error as there's no file there, you probably followed a guide not specific to ubuntu. This solution goes for fedora rpms too:

Assuming you have set up a password for your root account on the mysql server,
otherwise leave the -p, or replace root with your account.

service mysqld start
tar xzvf gpsdrive-2.09.tar.gz
mysql -u root -p < gpsdrive-2.09/create.sql

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