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Posted by:carpga
Subject:GPSDrive and mysql
Date:03:27:03 01/02/2009

I have found many forums trying to explain how to set up kismet to be able to plot access points in GPSmaps, however I cannot figure out the mysql portion of this configuration. I am receiving location data from my gps in kismet and GPSDrive at the same time, and I have changed the settings in the kismet.conf file without issue, but I am not a mySQL'er so I am having issues.

MySQL is installed on my system, and I have successfully started msql, but get hung up with "mysql -u root -p < /usr/share/gpsdrive/create.sql" When I type this in I get the following line "bash: /usr/share/gpsdrive/create.sql: No such file or directory" The only support I see in any forum is to read the readme.sql or "import create.sql" which I thought is what I am trying to do.

I am normally a Windows XP person trying to make the Ubuntu leap and haven't had too many issues except for this mySQL stuff.

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