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Posted by:spalanin
Subject:connect() failed 111 connection refused
Date:23:10:25 28/01/2009

I am getting this error msg.
the steps I followed...

- compiled 2008-05-R1 on two machines
- modified kismet_drone.conf, source, allowed network/mask
- started 'kismet_drone' on PC#1, version 2007.10.R1
at this point, drone said it is listening on etc .....fine

- modified kismet.conf with the remote drone info, kismet_drone, ip:port, name
- started 'kismet_server' on machine PC#2
- got this error msg, FATAL: connect() failed 111 conn refused

- disabled firewall on both machines
- started both drone, and server on the same machines, OK
- I can ping both machines, OK
- I found versions of the conf files are different in the distro 2008-05-R1

what am i doing wrong ?


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