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Posted by:asbesto
Subject:About kismet usability ...
Date:17:40:28 28/01/2009

Hi, after seeing those "issues" from about 2 years, hoping in some evolution, now I want to give a pair of suggestions about kismet usability:

1) The kismet.conf says:

# Source types and required drivers are listed in the README under the

Well, is so complicated to include this list directly into the kismet.conf file? Because searching around for a README file (and every distro put this file in different places, and many people delete docs to save space, e.g. in eeepc laptops) every time is very, very annoying!!!

2) It's so complicated to do something like lspci | grep Wireless, and a couple of grep, sed, awk, to let kismet know by himself what damn wireless card is installed on the system? I really can't manage why in 2009 I have to tweak a config file to make a program work for me. This is very annoying and time-consumptive in many wardriving situation; having an automatic configuration of the wireless card (maybe with a chooser, in case there are 2 or more) is a great thing to do for having a more pratical and usable tool, like it has to be.

(Yes, I know how to do all those steps by hand, but i'm talking about usability. I'm tired to do the same damn stuff every time I configure kismet on a laptop; I'm expecting some evolution in the program, and so I'm here suggesting solutions :) )

(No, I can't code this by myself; maybe in bash scripting, but I'm not a coder anymore :) )

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