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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Does Kismet run on any mobile phones?
Date:15:08:38 20/01/2009

> Hi
> I have been running Kismet very successfully on a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet for six months now. The only real problems have been the lack of signal strength measurement and the well-documented GPS time-to-first-fix problem on the N810s. I'm now thinking of moving to another platform.
> Has anyone managed to run it on a mobile phone yet?

few if any phones run a posix environment. The only ones I can think of is android, (as far as I know the drivers don't expose a monitor interface, and the apps run in java anyhow, so we don't get to talk to the drivers directly) and the freerunner, which uses the a6k chipset which uses a binary-only driver with no rfmon and doesn't work w/ the existing atheros drivers).

So unfortunately, no.


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