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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:capture source type 'madwifi_a' was not build ?
Date:15:09:48 19/01/2009

> Dear all,
> (1)
> I compile kismet with cross-compiler for ARM, but I run the kismet_server will get following error message:
> FATAL: Support for capture source type 'madwifi_a' was not build. Check the output from 'configure' for more information about why it might not have been compiled in.

Check the output and see what's been disabled.

> How can I get it to work ?
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> And another issue is that , if I do not '--disable-pcap' it always display error message " error: use of enum `ieee80211_radiotap_type' without previous declaration" when I make it.

Disabling pcap removes support for all pcap based sources, such as madwifi.

> Does anyone could give me some idea?
> I edit capture source in kismet.config as following:
> #===============================
> source=madwifi_a,ath00,ath00
> source=madwifi_a,ath01,ath01
> source=madwifi_b,ath00,ath00
> source=madwifi_b,ath01,ath01
> source=madwifi_g,ath00,ath00
> source=madwifi_g,ath01,ath01
> source=madwifi_bg,ath00,ath00
> source=madwifi_bg,ath01,ath01
> source=madwifi_a,wifi0,wifi0
> source=madwifi_b,wifi0,wifi0
> source=madwifi_g,wifi0,wifi0
> source=madwifi_bg,wifi0,wifi0

This will make things unhappy too, if you hadn't removed pcap support then they would have all stomped on eachother.


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