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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Mac - ALFA AWUS036H in Kismet
Date:15:30:21 17/01/2009

> Finally, I got Kismet running ;)
> So the next prob on my to-do-list today is getting it running, not only with my Airport-Card.
> I´m here with my ALFA AWUS036H and my Navilock 302-U. Im gonna try to get this stuff started and working in and with kismet.
> My first problem ist to get the Alfa (USB-Wlan) startin with kismet. I changed the source to darwin,en5,alfa and disabled the vapdestroy and set a true at the gps.

As far as I know there is no way to use the Alfa with kismet on osx (or any other usb card).

The reasons for this are multiple:

1 - There are no kernel drivers for most USB cards. Kismac gets around this by writing userspace drivers which directly bang the USB interface. Unfortunately this isn't very portable,so tehre isn't really a way to use their work with other projects.

2 - The kernel drivers that do exist are third-party and don't use the airport IOCTLs so there is no generic way to control them

3 - Most commercial drivers don't support rfmon at all in the first place.

Not sure which category your problem falls into, but it's one of those.


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