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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:NIC card support & mutliplexing
Date:04:43:54 16/01/2009

> I read on a forum that it is an Atheros AR5416 chipset and that it *should* work with one of the madwifi drivers.

then yes

> As for multiplexing: Let's say hypothetically that you are trying to capture packets on a highly saturated network with several wifi points serving the clients and at least 100 or so clients, where Kismet is capturing more than 3000 packets/s. I am surmising that installing multiple additional wireless devices might increase the amount of packets captured overall if some are being missed?

I've seen ~3k packets/sec captured fine.

Remember no matter how many APs there are, if they're on the same channel, they're contending for the same bandwidth, and will infact start stomping on eachother and causing collisions which will reduce your effective packet throughput.

Yes, in theory, you could see some missed packets if two cards are slightly out of phase with eachother and one buffer is full and the other isn't, but I still think at least with 11g you'll be getting collisions dragging your packets per second down.


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