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Posted by:mattias
Subject:Problems getting Kismet to start with Intel 3945ABG
Date:19:43:33 12/01/2009

> > > > PROBLEM: Fatal error enabling monitor mode, 'monitor' ioctl not available
> > > > Some capture sources use a private ioctl, 'monitor', to enable rfmon.
> > > > If Kismet is unable to find this ioctl, it means that the wrong
> > > > interface was specified, the wrong capture type is being used, or
> > > > most commonly, the drivers you are using have not been patched or the
> > > > patched drivers are not being loaded.
> > > > Be sure to download any patches needed for the drivers you are using,
> > > > and make sure that no other copies of those drivers exist in your
> > > > /lib/modules/kern-version/ directory. You may need to restart pcmcia-cs
> > > > if your wireless card was already running when you installed the patched
> > > > drivers.
> > > > FIX: Provide the correct interface and ensure that the patched drivers are
> > > > loaded.
> > > >
> > > > I have the most recent drivers... is there some modified driver source I should be using? Do I have to use legacy drivers?
> >
> > That error means you have configured kismet incorrectly. If you're getting it from kismet, you configured it wrong, if you're reading the FAQ, that's not relevant to your error. That entry pertains to (now very old) drivers which used a monitor ioctl call instead of a monitor mode on an existing driver.
> >
> > I know of no problems with the latest drivers and kismet, but don't have a 3945.
> >
> > -m
> I have wasted an entire weekend trying to figure this out. What, specifically do I need to configure? The FAQ says I need to set a source and a username and I set that information. I've tried changing all the booleans in the config file... NOTHING works. Continually get this error.
> I installed linux networking drivers instead of the iwlwifi ones which made no difference...
> Any ideas??

I figured it out. I had to use wlan0 instead of eth0. (name of network connection instead of name of ethernet)

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