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Posted by:dafuser
Subject:AmbiCom WL54-CF
Date:23:02:17 08/01/2009

> >
> > Gathering packets..
> >
> > Launched kismet client /usr/local/bin/kismet_client
> So it thinks it works but it isn't getting any packets...
> Sorry, I'm out of ideas, but if you find anything else out let me know and i'll tweak things.
> -m

I did some clean up and removed some old kismet config files from earlier pkg_add installs and it started. Kisment is running, but it's not seeing any traffic.

It looks like it's putting the wireless card into some configuration where the Zaurus can not reach the other devices on the network and they can no longer ping the Zaurus. I can quit Kismet, eject my wireless card, reinsert the card and do sh /etc/netstart and regain connectivity again. Once Kismet is started the Zaurus is diconnected from my network.

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