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Posted by:davethurston
Subject:multiple APs of same name
Date:18:19:43 07/01/2009

Help appreciated.
Madwifi drivers, Atheros 5007eg card, linux BT3
Kismet shows 3 identical occurences of the same AP name eg Pizza. ?
Each one has a different MAC address, but all seem to be connected together.
All use the same channel eg 11.
All are running WEP
All say they are APs in Kismet detail page.
Two of the APs have reasonable amount of traffic, 3rd AP is more quiet -

But the problem is, I've never been able to get into the network by cracking the WEP key. Even if I leave Kismet listening to traffic for eg several hours.

In terms of clients, all three APs have lots of S and F Type clients but never seem to have E Established or T To clients. I've never seen an associated client on the trio of APs. All the clients seem to be hardwired - which makes no sense if the APs are for wireless clients..?

can someone explain what I am looking at, and how to approach it?
Is it something to do with repeaters or boosters stations ?

By way of background, I think my approach is Ok - using BT3, I've managed to easily inject and crack WEP keys on all the other 4 WEP networks I can see from my lounge ...So I think my hw and sw is working OK.

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