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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:AmbiCom WL54-CF
Date:14:25:14 07/01/2009

> I have OpenBSD 4.4 running on a Zaurus SL-C3200. I am using a AmbiCom WL54-CF wirelesscard and it works fine with OpenBSD. I have installed malo-firmware-1.4 Firmware binary images for malo driver.
> When I try to run Kismet (kismet-200805R1), I get a fatal error saying there is no support for radiotap data link. The Kismet docs say:
> OpenBSD 3.7 and newer includes a software 802.11 stack and the Radiotap
> packet header format. Any cards that use the 802.11 stack and support
> monitor mode should work with Kismet via the radiotap_bsd_x capture
> sources
> I have enabled source=radiotap_bsd_b, malo0, radiotap_bsd_b in my kismet.conf
> Has anyone had any luck using the AmbiCom WL54-CF card with Kismet?

I've never encountered one of them.

That it doesn't support the radiotap DLT is not a good sign.

Try tcpdump -L on it and see what DLTs it exports.


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