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Posted by:uberathome3
Subject:Alternative to gpsd
Date:10:08:59 29/12/2008

Due to gpsd issues with my system and how it handles output from my rig, gpsd will not work with kismet.
Is there any alternative to using gpsd to use a gps with kismet?
I think the kismet-newcore will work but I have no idea on how to complie - my system complains of no makefile specified but thats another story.
My GPS outputs NMEA 1.5 APA , 1.5 XTE and 2.1 GSA
is there an alternative to gpsd
Can Kismet-newcore bypass gpsd & how do you compile from source!!
This isnt really the place but if any knows how to do this on ubuntu it would be a huge help - ./configure and then make and then install just dont work either does check install

Thank you

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