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Posted by:JakeyTheSnake
Subject:Capture Source problem
Date:01:02:46 29/12/2008

I seem to be having a lot of trouble with Kismet.

My capture source is this I think:

madwifi_g Atheros Linux madwifi
Capture interface: 'athX'
Capture interface: 'wifiX' (Madwifi-NG)
Madwifi drivers in 802.11g-only mode. This will,
obviously, also see 11b networks.
When using madwifi-ng, be sure all non-monitor VAPs have
been removed, otherwise madwifi will not properly report
most traffic.

(taken from the readme)

I believe this is right, I use the bottom driver on this page anyway:

What do I put as my source line in the kismet.conf file?

Please advise.

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